Why you need industry experts for rail commercial

Many commercial management consultants don’t have a specific focus on rail, instead choosing to cover a range of comparable industries or apply a generalist approach to their clients.

However, rail is a unique sector that is subject to a range of specific processes, features and challenges that aren’t found elsewhere. We understand this and make it the heart of our commercial approach, combining acumen and commercial experience with in-depth industrial knowledge.

We understand the rail supply chain, the risk landscape, appropriate budgets and cost control methods, and more.

We’re connected to commercial SMEs, suppliers and other partners across the rail sector, globally, offering you unparalleled performance in areas like procurement and contract negotiation.

Total management or output specific excellence

WCL offers a diverse range of service packages. We excel at providing ‘turnkey’ commercial solutions, allowing you to have all of your commercial activities directed from one, expert source.

Or, if you’re looking for help with a specific job or in achieving a critical outcome within your commercial activity, we can craft bespoke solutions that fit perfectly within your broader work.

We specialise in integration. That means creating a working culture and supporting processes that seamlessly weave commercial, delivery and operations together.

We guarantee quality, create new opportunities and efficiencies, and eliminate risk.

WCL commercial capabilities

We can help you with:

  • Supply chain management
  • Risk analysis and costing
  • Contract negotiation
  • Tender analysis and bid management
  • Procurement advice
  • Producing tender documentation
  • Advice on cost limits and budgets
  • Whole lifecycle costing
  • Cost and value reconciliation
  • Cost management process
  • Preparation of final account