From design to construction, testing and assurance

We’ll talk to you, understand exactly what you need, and produce the perfect package of services or personnel to secure your success.

Need design services? We can produce a one-off design, assess a design, provide expert assurance for sign off, or supply leading design engineers to integrate into your team.

Need construction services? We can review your designs for constructability, provide track handback resource, conduct on-site reviews of your work, evaluate physical groundworks, and issue Entry Into Services documentation.

You can come to us for fast, quality provision of:

  • Consultancy for design
  • Construction and testing
  • Track engineering consultancy
  • E&P engineering and construction consultancy
  • Signalling and telecoms engineering and consultancy

Connected to the best minds and tools in rail

We’re the home to best-in-class staff across railway systems, signalling, telecoms, track, E&P and infrastructure upgrade and renewals. Many of our personnel have previously worked for Network Rail or leading contractors from around the world.

WCL leverages a number of partnering arrangements with delivery organisations and principal contractors, allowing us to offer you complete (consultancy, delivery, assurance) solution packages, all in one place.

If you’ve got a particular, critical task you need done right, you can come to us for an output- or time-specific work package. We’ll help you guarantee excellence in advisory, planning, auditing or assurance engineering, at any stage of your project’s development.

The WCL ethos

One of our directors, Steve, has been heavily influenced by systems thinking approaches ever since his graduate days.

Whether it’s evolving classic methodologies or introducing clients into the newest trends in systems thinking, WCL retains a deep-rooted attachment to understanding the circular and interdependent nature of any situation, the importance of collecting detail, and the satisfaction of delivering accurate, efficient and effective action.

That’s why we don’t just supply engineers. We work with you to understand your situation, your priorities, and your needs – then design and deliver the optimal bundle of services.