Why you’re probably doing ‘integration’ wrong

Everybody wants integration, collaboration, communication and efficiency.

Unfortunately, most attempts at achieving it tend to involve more documents, more calls and meetings, more processes, more software packages, more lines of data and more people, all piled on top of existing structures and habits.

The result? More cost, more time, more complexity – and none of that mythical ‘integration’.

At WCL, we use decades of industry experience in planning, change management, optimisation and organisational reform to bring you a different approach, yielding real results.

While involving us at the earliest stages is ideal, we’ll be able to help you no matter what stage your portfolio or project is at.

WCL: Specialists in the complex

Our clients bring us in to take a comprehensive look at their project, programme or portfolio, typically comprised of P6, database, reporting and communication systems – not to mention the people and culture which bind them all together.

We will deeply interrogate and understand the activities and logic that your organisation and its work are based on, uncovering obstacles, bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Our approach is to break things down into their simplest components – allowing you to not only see the woods for the trees, but the invisible root systems tying it all together beneath the surface.

Solutions for any integration and control challenge

WCL is your source of exceptional planners, but much more besides. From P6 and PowerBI solutions, custom dashboards and control tools, to effective automation and streamlining, complete organisational reform or change management, we offer bespoke solutions scaled to your needs and the challenges you face.