Time to call in expert support?

Large, complex or multi-stream projects are prone to difficulties. Underdelivery, critical risks, or even project failure threaten too many projects – often from the early stages.

Whatever point you’re at in your project or programme, WCL is ready to step in and help you get your project on track.

We’ll evaluate your situation, provide an honest appraisal of reality on the ground, and chart your best route to success. As expert consultants, we provide the kind of clarity, honesty and propulsion that is often difficult to get from inside a complex project or programme.

We don’t recommend waiting until your risks become threateningly large, your stakeholders splintered, or full delivery fallen into question. The earlier you have WCL by your side, the better we’ll be able to help you reset, dislodge deep rooted issues, and maximise your chance of successful delivery.

Not just a bum in a seat

If you just need a project manager for your team, we can help – but so can plenty of other organisations.

We’re different. Firstly, as a rare source of highly skilled and experienced project professionals, at the top of their fields, rapidly available to rail organisations that need them.

But, more than that, WCL exists as a leading provider of comprehensive, ‘turn key’ packages of project and programme management delivery or consultancy services.

We can provide a complete management solution for your organisation, including:

  • exceptional personnel, connected to and backed up by WCL senior management
  • powerful executive-level and organisational support
  • rapid, effective change and integration management
  • wide-reaching technical expertise
  • bespoke, cutting-edge technology and systems integration

all drawn from the deep well of WCL’s network of industry leaders.